27 Feb 2021

Website available in all national languages ​​of the project countries

27 Feb 2021

12 Feb 2021

Announcing the winner of the logo competition

01 Feb 2021

Field Survey Start

01 Feb 2021

01 Jan 2020

Field Assistants Training Start

16 Dec 2020

International Logo Competition Announced

16 Dec 2020

30 Dec 2020

International Monitoring Scheme Prepared

01 Dec 2020

2nd Technical Online Training for Project Partners

01 Dec 2020

12 Nov 2020

Project Kick-off Press Releases

03 Nov 2020

1st Online Monitoring Meeting with NEEMO

03 Nov 2020

20 Oct 2020

1st Technical Online Training for Project Partners

29 Sep 2020

Project Kick-off Online Training

29 Sep 2020

07 Oct 2020

LIFE19 Welcome Meeting Organized by EASME

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LIFE Programme

The LIFE DANUBE FREE SKY project has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union. More info.

Natura 2000

The LIFE DANUBE FREE SKY project is part of nature conservation and biodiversity projects in Natura 2000. More info.

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